About Edward Torres, CPA PC

Edward Torres, CPA PC has been operating out of Forest Hills for 20 years, providing financial, accounting and tax services. Over the years, we have worked for many kinds of clients in small to medium size businesses. Our expertise also entails helping businesses set up their whole structure, from incorporation, bookkeeping, payroll to sales tax with the aim of improving your bottom line.

We have been securing the stability of our individual and business clients that have worked with us. We help clients reduce revenue loss and enhance their tax benefits through the prevention of poor accounting and tax practices. A part of our work also involves developing custom tailored services for addressing very specific needs.

We are trusted professionals, and our business has flourished with referrals in which we have received great compliments. We take pride in the confidence our clients have in us and that motivates us to honor our responsibilities to help them succeed.

Since we are a relatively small firm, we find it easy to deliver personalized, quality service to our individual and business clients. Our diverse client base has helped us bolster our experience in dealing with a wide array of financial and tax issues.

We have the knowledge and experience to cater our services to your needs.

Our mission

At Edward Torres, CPA PC we prioritize trust, and the delivery of quality service. It is our mission to serve as the custodians of the general ledger, carry out related accounting activities, and reporting applications.

Our expertise comprises comprehensive, timely, financial reporting and analysing; to maintain an internal accounting system that can be controlled to safeguard your assets to bring about financial integrity.

Edward Torres, CPA PC is committed to fulfilling this mission in a courteous and efficient manner. We also strive for continuous process improvement by increasing our customer collaboration, continuing education, and technology resources.